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$1 billion land takeover

$1-billion deal in wind

ENERGY: Three wind farm projects worth $1.1 billion reinforce the region’s reputation and boost the manufacturing

By NORMAN DE BONO, The London Free Press

A $1.1-billion wind farm development slated for Southwestern Ontario would be the largest of its type in the province and cement the region’s reputation as a wind energy centre.

Next Era Energy, North America’s largest energy company, is proposing to build three wind farm projects in Lambton and Huron counties. Combined, they’d dwarf other farms — adding up to 300 wind turbines to the landscape and generating 490 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 144,000 homes.

“It is a significant investment — a very significant investment,” Josie Hernandez, spokesperson for Next Era, based in Florida, said Tuesday.

“It (the cost) can range that high — this is very expensive to develop.” Read the rest of this entry

153 Wind Turbine Project for Thedford/Arkona/Watford area

Massive wind farm proposed

PAUL MORDEN—The Sarnia Observer
June 26th 2010

A large wind farm with as many as 153 turbines could be coming to Lambton Shores.

A public meeting for the 230 MW Jericho Wind Energy Centre is scheduled for June 30, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Kimball Hall on Townsend Line in Forest.

“We’re at the initial stages of a proposed development,” said Josie Hernandez, spokesperson with NextEra Energy Canada, which together with Canada Green Power is behind the project.

The companies don’t have a contract to sell wind power to the Ontario Power Authority, and the open house is an early step in the approval process required under Ontario’s Green Energy Act.

“It certainly is a large site and one that we have a lot of work to do on,” Hernandez said, “but at the same time we’re confident that we can work within all the constraints and make this work.”

The proposed wind farm would cover 2,258 hectares in Lambton Shores, stretching from just east of Forest to the Lambton-Middlesex county line, south to Warwick Township and north to Lakeshore Line. The area includes the communities of Arkona and Thedford.

The number of turbines could range from 101 to 153, depending on the type. Read the rest of this entry

‘Counting’ is not NextEra’s strength.

The one thing people need to know about a project is How Many Wind Turbines are proposed (pretty basic…). You’d think the company (In this case, FPLE/NextEra) could rattle these numbers off smoothly. Well, they can’t even write them correctly in their huge advertisements and draft proposals. Below are the real numbers, which of course are bigger then the advertised numbers. I guess they are thinking, “What’s the big deal.? ..Give or take 135 massive wind turbines…nobody will notice!”

….So that’s potentially 319 wind turbines up at the Lake for this particular company, not 184.

Jericho Wind Energy Centre
230MW wind project

Advertised #’s:  100  1.5MW wind turbines OR  65   2.3MW wind turbines  

Real #’s:              153  1.5MW wind turbines OR 100 2 .3MW wind turbines 

Bluewater Wind Energy Centre
90MW wind project 

Advertised #’s:    40 1.5MW wind turbines  OR  39  2.3MW wind turbines            

Real #’s:               60 1.5MW wind turbines   OR   39 2.3MW wind turbines             

Goshen Wind Energy Centre
160MW wind project

Advertised #’s:    44   1.5MW wind turbines  OR  68 2.3MW wind turbines            

Real #’s:               106  1.5MW wind turbines  OR  68 2.3MW wind turbines

Harrow Protest: Well, what do ya know, IPC is a very bad neighbour too!

Tim Sullivan

At the Harrow protest we ‘met’ this guy (Tim Sullivan, IPC project manager). He had the nerve to tell Aaron Van Ooteghen (below), who has been forced to move out of his family’s home in Clear Creek, that he was only upset because he “didn’t get a wind turbine on their property”! How ridiculous is this? Would somebody really want to go live in a rental unit instead of their home that has been in the family for generations? Was it ‘turbine envy’ that kept this young person awake at night, causing him to live in a fog during the day? I don’t think so. Aaron’s sleep has returned to normal since his family left their home and the wind turbines in Clear Creek.
Aaron has become a wind turbine refugee. Forced from his home because it is not safe. Those wind companies sure look after people, don’t they?

Aaron Van Ooteghen
 Turbines the first of many in area
By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star
June 26, 2010

Harrow A billion dollars worth of wind turbine projects have power contracts in Essex County and close to 200 turbines could be up within a few years.

The $110-million International Power Canada wind turbine project was the first to officially start up Friday, but not without protests that show discord within the community hasn’t disappeared during years of planning.

The silvery, carbon-fibre blades of the 24 turbines were turning gently in a light breeze and a deer sauntered across a farm field just before the speeches began. Read the rest of this entry

Important meetings in the area coming up

WT Dead Zones

Below is a list of events that you may want to go to or tell others about. The Sydenham Wind Information Meeting should be very good, so please spread the word: all are welcome. It happens to be on the same day as the NextEra meeting in Forest, so unless you can coordinate really good, you may have to pick one or the other. Read the rest of this entry