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CTV News- Adelaide Wind Project

NextEra Adelaide Transmission route (proposed)

NextEra Ad- Adelaide Wind Development – London Free Press Nov 21, 2011



Turbine dangers proven

Letters London Free Press Nov 22nd, 2011

In the article McGuinty’s rural point man (Nov. 21) Minister of Energy Chris Bentley is paraphrased as saying, “both the provincial and national chief medical officers of health agree there are no health concerns attributable to turbines.”

What he has missed is that the Environmental Review Tribunal’s Thamesville decision from July 18 states: “This case has successfully shown that the debate should not be simplified to one about whether wind turbines can cause harm to humans. The evidence presented to the tribunal demonstrated that they can, if facilities are placed too close to residents. The debate has now evolved to one of degree.”

Bentley needs to get up to date and start the conversation where the decision by his government’s tribunal left off — human health is affected by wind turbines, period.

Esther Wrightman, Kerwood

Adelaide Suncor Project Description/MAP

Adelaide Wind – Suncor Proposal/MAP 

In the spirit of “transparencey’ Suncor sent their proposal for another 30 wind turbines out.

They have submitted a draft Project Description Report of the proposed Adelaide wind power project (40 MW) to the Ministry of the Environment and are awaiting initial feedback. This document will change over time.

White Pines Project (Adelaide-Metcalfe)-more from those TCI *@#$%^&

Like anybody needs to or wants to know about this, but good ‘ol sell-out TCI Renewables is scratching together another project for Adelaide-Metcalfe 80-100MW (~50-70 wind turbines).

Directly from from TCI’s website, here’s their plan:

Location: Vicinity of Adelaide-Metcalfe Township, Middlesex County, SW Ontario
Capacity: 80-100MW
Stage: Feasibility (Complete), Land Acquisition (On-going), Pre-development Works (Complete), Currently in Development Phase Read the rest of this entry

McGuinty’s rural point man (is that a joke?)

ENERGY MINISTER CHRIS BENTLEY: Wound up over wind turbines, rural Ontario spurned the Liberals. It’s Chris Bentley’s job to make peace

By CHIP MARTIN The London Free Press  November 21, 2011

Chris Bentley promises to listen to suggestions about how to make wind turbines more acceptable in rural areas.

But Ontario’s new energy minister, who doubles as the Liberal government’s point man to make peace with rural Ontario, says science shows turbines pose no health risk and he has no plans to let their location be returned to local control.

“The science is on the side of wind turbines,” the London West MPP told The Free Press as Ontario’s new minority government — its first in a generation — opens Monday at Queen’s Park after the October election cost Dalton McGuinty many rural seats. Among other rural irritants, the government took over control from municipalities about where green-energy installations, like industrial wind turbines can go.

“In terms of how we site them . . . I am happy to listen,” Bentley said. “We have a province-wide approach (to locating turbines). If I can strengthen it, I’d like to,” adding he has no interest in a “patchwork” system.

Rural foes hoping Bentley might bring a new approach to the Green Energy Act, under which 900-plus turbines have sprouted, were disappointed there’s no change in the wind with Bentley’s arrival.

Another 2,000 turbines have been approved.

“I’m not looking forward to this,” Esther Wrightman, a director of the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, said of Bentley’s take. Read the rest of this entry

Legal Challenge of Brooke-Alvinston (Zephyr Wind) approval Announced

Notice of Appeal

An appeal of the second-ever Renewable Energy Approval (REA) of an industrial wind turbine project in Ontario has been launched by Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group Inc.  Located near Watford, Ontario the project is known as the Brooke-Alvinston Wind Farm, a Class 4 Wind facility consisting of four (4) wind turbine generators, each rated at 2.5 MW generating output capacity with a total name plate capacity of 10 MW. 

The appeal will be heard by the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).  By law the ERT must conduct the hearing and render its decision within six (6) months of the November 15, 2011 filing date of the appeal.

NextEra Invasion

Adelaide (Kerwood, Strathroy)
38 Wind Turbines

Bornish (Parkhill, Arkona)
45 Wind Turbines

Jericho (Thedford, Lambton Shores, Arkona, Forest Kettle Point and Ipperwash)
92 Wind Turbines

NextEra Wind Comment Forms: Adelaide, Bornish & Jericho

Have a comment for NextEra? It doesn’t have to be nice and polite. Let them know- fill out the form and send it to them.

Bornish Wind comment form

Adelaide Wind comment form

Jericho Wind comment form

Wind energy project approved near Watford

By PAUL MORDEN, The Observer
Tuesday Nov. 8th 2011

Work is expected to begin within days on the four-turbine Zephyr Wind Farm near Watford now that provincial environmental approval is in place.

The $22-million, 10-MW project near Churchill Line, between Ebenezer and Old Walnut lines in Brooke-Alvinston, has been in the planning stages for more than a year and received provincial approval last week.

“We are hoping to start construction early next week,” said Brent Hall, vice-president of strategic planning for the wind farm’s owner, Mississauga-based Green Breeze Energy Inc.

“We’re looking forward to getting going.”

Mayor Don McGugan said Brooke-Alvinston council is scheduled Thursday to consider a proposed agreement with Green Breeze Energy that will ensure the township roads are maintained during construction.

“We can’t stop them,” McGugan said. “All we can do is make the best deal possible for our roads and our community.”

Ontario’s Green Energy Act took away municipal power to decide where renewable energy projects can be built. Read the rest of this entry

Zephyr project (Brooke-Alvinston) approved- 15 days to appeal

So the rubber stamp is back at it for the Ministry of Environment. This project consists of four 2.5MW wind turbines just south of Watford, Ontario. Actually, the project was sold while it was being approved, to Scheider Power….not sure if the MOE figured that out. This project had the worst public consultation I have seen of all the projects I’ve been involved in. Noise documents were late (MONTHS late) and no project documents were available at the final public meeting. On top of it we can be comforted that there isn’t a certified engineer signing off on the project document. Even though this goes against MOE rules, they stamp stamp away…that’s all they know to do!


Instrument Decision Notice: EBR Registry Number: 011-3779

Proponent: Zephyr Farms Limited
2700 Matheson boulevard East
Suite 300
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4W 4V9 Read the rest of this entry