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McGuinty Killed Democracy

Nexterror finally hosted their last meeting in Adelaide-Metcalfe, after 4 cancelled venues –  it was the only place that would accept their kind around here. They weren’t let in easy. The main entrance to their venues was blocked during setup for 3 hours, with residents refusing to move. A sombre funeral for Democracy was preformed and the casket was laid to rest on a pile of rubbish behind the township office. Stand up and say NO!

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Municipal Politicians Side With Anti Turbine Group

First Monday
When it comes to green energy Dalton McGuinty is out of control. Through his Green Energy Program he is permitting hundreds of soaring wind turbines to dot the Lakeshore in Plympton Wyoming. Does he really believe people who live in million dollar homes near Douglas Line will tolerate such stupidity? Does he believe wind turbines should be permitted within 500 metres of such properties?

Apparently he does but why should he care. He lives in Ottawa away from the blight he is creating. Some 1500 residents have signed petitions denouncing proposals by Suncor and others planning super – sized wind turbines all the way to Ravenswood. The residents came, they saw and don’t like anything being proposed. Nancy Venhuizen is a vocal opponent and for justifiable reasons. Dalton is allowing wind turbines to be her neighbour. Nancy isn’t exactly passive about her feelings. She is among the protesters and denounces farmers who are allowing the Suncors of the world to erect turbines next door. Read article

Residents of Plympton Fighting Giant Wind Turbines

Governments and environmentalists all over the world have been looking for solutions to the world’s energy crisis. For a while, it seemed that clean wind power from wind turbines would be a perfect fix. However, since the installation of several wind turbines in Ontario, once hopeful residents have been left severely disillusioned.

WAIT-PW (We’re Against Industrial Turbines- Plympton Wyoming) is a local group looking to stop the construction of new turbines in the Plympton-Wyoming community. Last month a town hall meeting was held to spread awareness about the harmful features of wind turbines. Speaker Nikki Horton, who has lived next to, and surrounded by, wind turbines for the last four years, spoke about how she and her family were experiencing a barrage of new illnesses since the installation of the wind turbines near her home. She was not alone.

Many people who live within 500m – 2km of wind turbines have complained of lack of sleep, inner ear problems, nausea, severe headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, and forgetfulness since the turbines were installed near their homes. The problem is, as told by engineer Bill Palmer, is that the turbines are simply built too close to residents.

“All over the world, wind turbines have coexisted with people, but because they are placed in offshore, industrial parks that do not interfere with daily life,” says Mr. Palmer. The wind turbines in Ontario are causing so many problems because they are much larger than turbines in Europe or Oceania, and they are placed much closer to residential areas, according to Mr. Palmer. Read article

Powerful ally: Wind opponents hail election of local activist as head of real estate board

Sarnia This Week
GRAND BEND – For months, Grand Bend Realtor Doug Pedlar has been voicing concerns about property values near industrial wind turbines. Now, he has a larger podium to speak from. Pedlar, who researched just how much homeowners lose when wind farms set up shop next door (about 30 per cent) is now the president-elect of the London/St. Thomas Real Estate Board. One of his first tasks was an eight-minute YouTube video about wind turbines and property values.

Pedlar says the London/ St Thomas board has been very worried about the issue, even pressing the provincial real estate association to speak to the province about the matter. “We’re quietly working away at this,” he says. But the volume is going up. The YouTube video had 500 hits in the first weekend and other real estate boards are posting the information session on their website. And Pedlar is pleased.

“The unfortunate thing about it is people are just not aware of what is going on,” he says. “If you don’t see them, if they’re not in your face, you don’t know. “The thing that I’m really afraid of is not just the property values but the perception of going to an area filled with turbines,” says Pedlar, fearing people will discount living in rural areas because of the turbines. “I drive through Chatham-Kent (the municipality with 300 turbines either built or on the books) and I get a sick feeling…it is not the most pleasant thing in the world.” Read the rest of this entry

Rogers TV: MPP Monte McNaughton on wind turbines

ILL Wind Reporting website launched

A small group of us Ontario residents launched a new website today ( for our province, and for the world. For too long reports from those who live among turbines have been submitted to government agencies (ie Ministry of Environment) or wind companies, and are never heard from again. Filed and forgotten or lost. We hope to expose the proliferation of incidents locally, and perhaps even worldwide, with this self-reporting site.

What can be reported? Health reports, noise, bird kill, unsold homes, flicker, power surges, turbine failure, and even unethical behaviour (there’s lots of that, don’t we know!). See more categories here. Using the Ushahidi platform, each report is pinpointed on a Google map, and it grows as more reports from an area increases — showing ‘hot spots’ of wind turbine destruction.

The reporting is completely anonymous. Even if you choose to provide your contact info so that we can verify your report, the contact information will NOT be posted. If you would like the ability to edit your reports, please create an account. You may also file reports for other individuals as a reporter for your community. Do not worry about doubling reports (eg. 2 people report on the noise of the Ripley turbines last night), as this helps verify the reports – it’s a good thing.
We hope you will give it a try – it is very user friendly. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please send them along to

Wind turbine project maps

The Ontario government has difficulty making a comprehensive map of wind turbine project locations, but resident Wayne Gulden was able to get one together and has created a new website Ontario Wind Turbines. If there’s a will there’s a way!

“I’ll be working on improving the presentation as well as adding projects as I get the time. If you have requests, either for new/better functions, or something that doesn’t work, or adding/correcting the project information please send me an email and let me know. Thanks for looking. And don’t forget my other sites, Wind Farm Realities and Amherst Island Wind Info.

Wind-turbine opponents laud resolution

NEXTRA: Company has plans for development
By Jonanthan Sher, The London Free Press

PARKHILL – The fight against industrial wind farms added a new ally Tuesday when a small municipality outside London lent a big hand.

North Middlesex council unanimously demanded the Ontario government halt all planned wind farms until Health Canada completes a study in 2014 examining the link between industrial wind turbines and human health.

It did so without a word of debate — there was little talk needed after Mayor Don Shipway and councilors went door-to-door with concerned residents in the weeks leading up to the vote.

The support was welcomed by Maureen Malone, whose farm south of Parkhill would be just 603 metres away from a turbine planned by NextEra Energy Canada, which wants to put up 48 turbines in North Middlesex and another 38 in neighbouring Adelaide-Metcalfe Township.

“(They) came to my house. They are listeners,” she said of her council. Read the rest of this entry

Wind battle shifts

NextEra Energy Canada project could meet the wrath of North Middlesex council
By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press

The fight to halt wind turbine development in Southwestern Ontario shifts to North Middlesex Tuesday with opponents pushing for a ban on wind farm development.

A resolution going to North Middlesex council Tuesday night calls for the Ontario government to place an immediate moratorium on the development, construction, erection and implementation of wind turbines until a Health Canada health study on turbines is completed in 2014.

“This is a big deal for us,” said Muriel Allingham of Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group, a citizens’ group rallying opposition to wind turbine development.

NextEra Energy Canada is developing the Bornish Wind Energy Centre in North Middlesex, a 73.5-megawatt wind farm consisting of up to 48 wind turbines. The project has already been awarded a 20-year contract from the Ontario Power Authority.

NextEra also plans to install 38 turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe. The company has run into stiff opposition from residents there worried about the effects turbines could have on their health.

Residents have protested at public meetings about the project and the company also has had difficulty finding venues to host the meetings. Read the rest of this entry

Protestors against wind turbines showing determination


You could hear a pin drop as over 400 concerned citizens congregated at the Camlachie Community Centre east of Sarnia on Tuesday. Guest speakers affected by wind turbines made emotional presentations detailing health concerns and significant property devaluations.

The meeting hosted by W.A.I.T.-PW (We’re Against Industrial Turbines—Plympton-Wyoming) was organized to educate residents of the massive wind turbine project coming to their community.

This Suncor-owned project “Cedar Point” consists of 62 of what may be the world’s highest turbines (up to 800 ft.) that organize of the protest say will litter the pristine countryside. Another turbine concentration called the Jericho Project consists of 92 turbines that will overlap this same area with many more planned. Read the rest of this entry

IMPORTANT ALERT: Turbine Construction and Well Water

Reports of significant changes to well water in the Mitchell’s Bay area have reached the office of Chatham-Kent MPP Rick Nicholls. The changes in water quality have been noticed following the commencement of pile driving/foundation construction for industrial wind turbines in the area. The turbines being constructed are for the East Lake St. Clair wind project and the proponent is IPC/Suez.

Anyone experiencing gas detections and/or pollutants in their well water in the vicinity of industrial wind turbine construction is asked to contact MPP Rick Nicholls by phone at 519 351-0510 or by email at

Drawing the line: Plympton-Wyoming sets up for a wind turbine fight

Heather Wright, Sarnia Lambton This Week
PLYMPTON-WYOMING – Plympton-Wyoming council says industrial wind turbines should be two kilometers away from homes and they’re prepared to go to court to make it happen.

In February, council passed tough new rules on setbacks (how close wind turbines can be to homes) saying it was concerned about the health effects on residents. It also imposed a $200,000 deposit for each turbine to be built in the municipality to cover any decommissioning costs.

But the rules fell under the Planning Act, an act which is superseded by the Green Energy Act. It took away all planning power from municipalities when it came to green projects. So recently, council passed the same setback rule, this time, under the Municipal Act which is not superseded by the Green Energy Act. It is a move several other Ontario municipalities have made, but one which has yet to be challenged in court.

Mayor Lonny Napper says Plympton-Wyoming expects that could happen soon since wind energy companies are entrenched in their position. “When I meet with wind companies I make it clear up front what our setbacks are and they say they’re going to go with the Green Energy Act and the 550 meter setbacks,” says Napper.

The mayor is ready for “one good fight” in court which would settle the dispute over who has the right to regulate where wind turbines go. And he’s willing to spend taxpayers’ money for it says he hopes “some of the other organizations would pop in and help us. Read the rest of this entry