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Over 100 wind turbines in Middlesex County now under construction

DSCF4734Right now in Middlesex County:

  • Suncor’s Adelaide wind project was approved today: read more
  • WPD’s Napier project approved last week: read more
  • NextEra’s Adelaide wind project is almost done the appeal process. read more
  • NextEra’s Bornish wind project’s appeal denied. read more

All the proposed wind projects in Middlesex County (above) have now been approved and will be under construction, if they aren’t’ already. That’s over 100 wind turbines. If you want to see what it look like, check these pictures out, or come out and see for yourself.

In Lambton county:

  • NextEra’s Jericho wind up for final public comment: read more
  • Suncor’s Cedar Point wind up for final public comment: read more

That’s another 130+ wind turbines.

Grand Bend? That’s another 111 turbines.

This is what Christmas looks like to many in rural Middlesex and Lambton Counties.

If you have 100 good ideas of how to stop the wind turbines, just implement 1 of them on your own. That makes a difference. Action is what is need!

Council’s improper closed meeting with wind developer outed

IMG_6307Over the past five years there have been many questionable ‘meetings’ in the Adelaide-Metcalfe council chambers, especially when wind turbines are involved. For starters, the mayor and the deputy-mayor have close relatives who have signed wind option agreements, and they never declare a conflict of interest. Then there was the time the police were called to stop a resident from video recording the open meetings. Oh yes and when the CAO’s husband physically struck out at a resident taking a picture of them entering a closed meeting with Suncor. Items have been left off agendas, mis-reported in minutes…the list goes on, and frustration builds.

So to say the residents are skeptical, leery, untrusting of this council, is an understatement. And for good reason. Even the ombudsman’s office has had their fill of this council. With 6 “Best Practices”, and 3 “Violations” found in the last year and a half, this little township of 3000 is practically topping the province for infractions— beating out the big cities (oh yes, even London).

If a resident happens upon an improper closed meeting, it’s usually by fluke. And so it was with the most recent revelation with the Ad-Met council, when a closed meeting on January 25, 2012 was discovered in the “Municipal Correspondence” section of the wind developer WPD’s submission (See pg. 130). Yep, check those out for your local project!

The Township CAO/treasurer Fran Urbshott, was contacted by the office of the Ombudsman and an investigation has been initiated, as all but one of the township councillors and the mayor were there— a quorum present and the public was not invited, let alone notified….nor were minutes taken….the township has no record of the meeting, thankfully the wind company does. Read the rest of this entry

wpd Napier Wind up for 45 day public comment period

Napier WPD noise mapEnvironmental Registry – SUBMIT COMMENT Due July 6th
Description of Instrument:
This posting is for a proposed Renewable Energy Approval by wpd Napier Wind Incorporated, for the Napier Wind project, proposed to be located at 27904 Brown Road, Township of Adelaide Metcalfe, County of Middlesex, Ontario. This is a Class 4 wind facility with a total expected generation capacity of 4.1 megawatts (MW).

The proposed facility is considered to be a Class 4 wind facility under Ontario Regulation 359/09 (O. Reg. 359/09) Renewable Energy Approvals under Part V.0.1 of the Environmental Protection Act. Applications for Renewable Energy Approvals are required to be submitted in accordance with O. Reg. 359/09 for consideration for approval.

Public Consultation:
This proposal has been posted for a 45 day public review and comment period starting May 22, 2013. If you have any questions, or would like to submit your comments, please do so by July 06, 2013 to the individual listed under “Contact”. Additionally, you may submit your comments on-line. Read the rest of this entry

Napier/Kerwood wpd Final Public Meeting: Dec 6

This project is an example of how small can be sometimes just as bad as large.  

The Napier project (that isn’t near Napier at all) is ‘only’ 2 turbines. But if these 2 turbines were part of Nextera or Suncor’s projects, they would be the most ILL PLACED turbines of the 50 or so proposed

Below is the noise map – yes the same hideous maps that Suncor use. I put road names on it for you, because they were missing, again. Check out the line for the 40 dBA — check out how many homes are along that line along Napperton Dr. From their chart it says there will be 9 homes that will be under 700m from these turbines (closest is 573m away from a home). Notice also that there isn’t single ‘participating’ receptor.

wpd Canada Corporation (wpd Canada) – Napier Wind Project

Final Public Meeting
Date::  December 6th
Time:   5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Place: Adelaide Metcalfe Township Office – Lower Hall, 2340 Egremont Drive-
RR#5, Strathroy, ON MAP

Massive line clears way for wind projects

GREEN ENERGY: $700-million project completed
By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press

Completion of the biggest transmission line project in Ontario in 20 years clears an important hurdle for a series of massive wind turbine projects in Southwestern Ontario, including eight within 70 kilometres of London.

Completed six months ahead of schedule, the $700-million Bruce to Milton transmission project will allow electricity to flow from refurbished reactors at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, and from wind and solar projects that have received conditional contracts under Ontario’s green energy program. Read the rest of this entry

They sound homey — they aren’t

By JOHN MINER, The London Free Press
GREEN ENERGY: Don’t be fooled by the names of many of the massive wind farms sprouting up across Southwestern Ontario. There’s a local ring to them, but they’re actually owned by multinationals as far-flung as Calgary, Florida and China, to name a few. John Miner reports.

The names have a comforting, familiar ring — Adelaide, Bluewater, Goshen, Bornish. Jericho.

But if you’re looking for who controls the massive wind farms under development in this part of Ontario, you won’t find their head office anywhere close to their local namesakes.

While incorporated as separate companies with local-sounding names, the real control of these wind farms resides in Juno Beach, Fla., home to NextEra Energy, the third largest nuclear power company in the U.S. and the largest industrial wind company in North America.

NextEra Energy owns Florida Power and Light and NextEra Energy Resources, which owns NextEra Energy Canada. It, in turn, owns the planned Adelaide Wind Farm, as well as neighbouring Bornish, Goshen and Jericho.

It’s a similar story for much of the fresh wave of wind farms that have won contracts with the Ontario government. Read the rest of this entry

An ill wind blowing

By Jonathan Sher, The London Free Press
Crowds no longer come to the general store Joe Wood’s grandfather built 107 years ago.

Most of its products are gone too, the rural locale west of Strathroy too far from suppliers. Now, Wood is surrounded mainly by guns and ammo at the store.

Mayor David Bolton still stops by mornings to share gossip and drink a diet Pepsi. So Wood knows something about the kerfuffle at the township office of Adelaide-Metcalfe, a provincial creation that joined two tiny hamlets and farmland into a new municipality with only 3,000 people.

This week, more than 100 residents came to council — that’s 1 out of every 30 residents, akin to 12,000 Londoners showing up at city hall.

Some carried signs and shouted for Bolton to resign.

Others carried generations of ties to the area and spoke of their concerns diplomatically.

All were there to fight for democratic rights that in recent weeks have come under question:

  • Bolton twice phoned police to stop citizens from videotaping meetings. Police threatened an arrest the first time, but stayed out the second.
  • Deputy Mayor Adrian DeBruyn voted to set fees for wind turbine permits, even though his son has signed 32 leases with a wind company.
  • The township hired the mayor’s kids to shut off lights of a park and take away a few garbage bags.
  • The husband of the township’s administrator threatened a woman snapping his picture outside a private meeting between Suncor Energy, members of council and landowners who have signed leases for turbines. Read the rest of this entry

Strathroy/Adelaide-Metcalfe Wind Information Meeting

Please share and encourage your friends and neighbours to attend!

Date:  June 12
Time: 7:00PM
Place: Strathroy District Collegiate Institute, 361 Second St. , Strathroy MAP


1. Health: Noise/ Shadow Flicker/ Power Surges
Monica Elmes – Monica lives and farms near Ridgetown, ON surrounded by a 43 turbine (2.3 MW each) industrial wind project. She will relate how the wind development has changed her community and the health of her family and neighbours.

2. Electrical Pollution: Home/Farm/School
David Colling
– A dairy farmer for 30 years in Ripley, ON, who has also been a dealer for Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors since 1991. David studied Electrical Engineering at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, and currently uses his vast knowledge, throughout Ontario, to assess electrical pollution in homes, farms and businesses that are presently in the vicinity of industrial wind turbines.

3. Property Value: Real Estate
Doug Pedlar
– Doug is a Broker of Record for RE/MAX Bluewater Realty in the Grand Bend area. Doug has many years as a respected realtor within the community, and will speak on the effects that industrial wind turbines currently have on property values, and how the industrialization of the local community will impact its residents’ property values.

Citizens REVOLT at Adelaide-Metcalfe Twp council meeting

Note: The Mayor’s dad has a wind lease with TCI Renewables and the Deputy Mayor’s son has 32 leases with NextEra. No, I didn’t type the wrong number….
More info on this fight at Ontario Neighbours United

Ad-Met mayor calls in OPP for resident videotaping public meeting

At an Adelaide-Metcalfe council meeting, the mayor calls in the OPP, exercising his “power of Authority” to remove the videographer from a public/open meeting. the township did not have a bylaw that prohibited videotaping. At a previous meeting the council had discussed videotaping the meeting themselves, or asking videographers to write a letter of intent to council before a meeting that they want to tape. But no discussion was made this day. The mayor ambushed with calling the cops – no alternatives.

Some democracy that is… People- don’t let your democratically elected council run your township like a dictatorship!

Adelaide Metcalfe council urged to repeal building fee

Turbine opponents cry foul
WIND POWER: Adelaide Metcalfe council urged to repeal building fee

By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press    January 26,
Wind-turbine opponents are demanding Adelaide Metcalfe council repeal a new turbine-building fee it imposed unexpectedly and without notifying them.

The rural township west of Strathroy, where two companies are proposing to build 68 wind turbines, approved a $10,000-per-turbine fee at a Jan. 16 meeting.

Last month, scores of people attended a council meeting to ask the fee charged be even higher than that.

The issue was set aside so staff could learn what other municipalities charge.

“I was flabbergasted,” said activist Esther Wrightman, to discover from a councillor’s Facebook page that in one night council had proposed, debated, approved and passed into bylaw the new fees. “I didn’t believe it at first.”

She said she didn’t see the item on the agenda, otherwise she’d have attended the meeting.

“It just has to be repealed. I just can’t accept anything less than that,” Wrightman said. Read the rest of this entry

Map of some of Lambton/Middlesex’s wind turbine proposals

Higher wind turbine fee sought- Adelaide-Metcalfe

GREEN ENERGY: Adelaide Metcalfe is considering charging thousands of dollars a unit instead of the current $500

By DEBORA VAN BRENK, The London Free Press December 21, 2011

A plan to escalate fees for companies wanting to erect wind turbines in Adelaide Metcalfe has been deferred until politicians can determine if charging $10,000 per turbine would cover the potential costs.

The current fee is $500, which local politicians have said is far too low to justify the engineering costs and other expenses which the Strathroy-area municipality could incur as the massive wind machines are put into service.

A council meeting this week to determine how much more to charge — the proposal was $10,000 per turbine — drew scores of residents.

Many called for even higher fees, along the lines of the $40,000 some Ontario communities are charging.

One resident said $10,000 would be too low even to inspect one of the structures.

Council heard submissions for about two hours before sending the matter back to staff to look at whether Adelaide Metcalfe should be a leader or a follower in the fee battle.

“What really pleased me was the response from the community,” said Esther Wrightman, who recalled that she and her family felt alone in their opposition when they first started talking with council a year ago.

Two wind energy giants, NextEra and Suncor, are looking to build as many as 68 turbines in the rural community.

Although the province has been promoting its green energy strategy — and this week promoted a report that says wind turbines don’t have any direct health effects — opponents say turbines can produce low frequency noise, harm bird migration and reduce property values.

Green energy giants NextEra and Suncor plan to build as many as 68 wind turbines in the Adelaide Metcalfe area in two separate projects.

No date was set for Adelaide Metcalfe council to debate the issue again.

E-mail , or follow DebatLFPress on Twitter.

Napier Wind Public Meeting (actually project not even near Napier…): Dec 15

Public Meeting
Napier Wind WPD

Date: Thurs. Dec. 15
Time: 5:30-8:00 PM
Location: Adelaide W. G. MacDonald P.S.
29059 School Road/Egremont Dr. MAP

Two giant 2.7MW turbines on Napperton Dr./between Kerwood Rd & Brown Rd: Project Report

Unanimous Ad.-Met. Twp. Support for Moratorium on IWT’s

Just for the record (TCI, Suncor, NextEra, IPC and all the other wind companies that have so much interest in this blog) Adelaide-Metclafe township council passed a SECOND resolution asking for studies before wind turbines — this time UNANIMOUSLY:

Municipalityof Central Huron – requesting that the Province of Ontario declare a moratorium on all current and future projects for on-shore and off-shore development of wind energy facilities. Resolution was SUPPORTED. 

 Monday July 18 2011:

1. The municipality of Central Huron had a resolution that was circulated by AMO, that was asking again for a moratorium on wind turbine construction. I thought they would just ‘file’ it. But to my surprise it was voted on and supported unanimously!!  I was so surprised in watching this, even though it had been voted on in Dec 2009 (but I have no idea who supported it). We’ve come a long way in 2 years…a LONG way.

2. Second item was wind turbine building permit fees. Right now our township asks for $500 flat for each turbine concrete base. Building official Jeff Denomy was asked by council how much inspection is involved with each turbine. He said each turbine takes about 3 inspections, but then noted when he talked to Lambton Shores Building Official Randy Lovie (where turbines are located), he was told that it wasn’t the inspection that took up time, it was “all the phone calls from people…after the fact.” That was left hanging in the air. Being a bylaw enforcer, I can only take that to mean “noise complaints”. Wow. Inspection – easy, but dealing with the mess afterwards, not so easy. Makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

$10/ $1000 for a turbine was what Jeff thought was reasonable. There will need to be a public meeting, I believe within the next month or 2, maybe. Kurtis asked if the public actually has a say, if council will change the number if the public asks for it. The answer was yes.

3. Kurtis was bringing the issue of an e-agenda up, again. He said he has asked Clerk/Admin/Treasurer Fran to do a report on e-agendas, but she never did. Fran said she gave a “verbal report”. She printed off agendas from other municipalities, didn’t pass them out to council members, never looked into pricing, pros/cons etc. Fran retaliated with “I’ve been here 15 years and have always done it this way and it has worked”.

It was pointed out that the e-agenda is actually very much a time saver (eg. You don’t have to number 150 pages of the agenda). It is also a HUGE benefit for the residents of the municipality. Kurtis said if a resident looked at the agenda today they may read the item that says “HATCH, public meeting” –nobody knows what any of that means or whether it is something they should attend. Or how about the building officials report: there were 30 items discussed during this meeting (including the wind turbine permit fee) and none of them were listed on the agenda – there was no way anybody would have known that there was a discussion on any of these 30 items. David asked if it would cost more, and Fran said “it WON’T cost anymore”. This is where things just clicked into place. It wasn’t a question of doing a report anymore, it was a question of whether council wanted an e- agenda today. Betty Ann enthusiastically voted in favour, as did Kurtis, and David as well!

Remember that horrible little chart I sent out at municipal election time? One of the questions to candidates was: “Would you support having an agenda available, before a council meeting, that includes digital copies of correspondence /background reports/pertinent links so the public can access this information before it is discussed and voted on?” Kurtis’ response was”I fully support the idea of having a full, detailed agenda well before the meeting. This allows the public to have the same knowledge coming into the meeting as the municipal council”

Check, DONE!


More wind power propels Ontario’s election fight

List of Projects Offered July 4, 2011

by Jonathan Sher, London Free Press

With an election looming, the Ontario Liberals have upped the ante on green energy — pushing ahead 25 wind and solar projects for Southwestern Ontario.

The projects announced Monday will produce enough electricity to power a city the size of Windsor, with wind and solar farms stretching from Woodstock to Wallaceburg and from Forest to near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

The more immediate jolt with the Oct. 6 election nearing is political: The ruling Liberals say green jobs will save the economy and the environment; the opposition Conservatives say the price of green energy is choking consumers and burdening business.

The London region is ground zero, with 200 solar projects, more than 180 wind turbines and a battle between farmers paid by energy companies and residents who say their health and quality of life have been harmed.

Agriculture Minister Carol Mitchell, the Liberal MPP for Huron-Bruce, has been a strong proponent for wind and solar and a lightning rod for opponents.

“This announcement (will further) strengthen our rural communities by creating jobs and cleaning up the air that our families breathe,” Mitchell wrote Monday in a news release.

But in Essex County, on a farm in Harrow just 640 metres from a wind turbine, Collette McLean says it’s Ontarians and their wallets that are being taken to the cleaners.

Green energy companies are being heavily subsidized to produce power through Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program, brought in by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals in 2009, she said.

The 25 new projects are the latest to be offered contracts by the provincial government.

“It’s free money at (our) expense . . . How much longer can we put up with this as taxpayers?” she said.

The Liberals say new green energy is replacing dirty coal-fired power, but experts say that’s only half-true: Green energy reduces use of coal on high-demand days, but intermittent sources such as wind and solar can’t be used to close coal plants.

Ontario Power Generation’s Lambton station near Sarnia — its closing already twice delayed — is one of the coal-fired plants to be shut down in 2014.

The new wind and solar projects would tap into new power lines planned by Hydro One between Bruce and Milton.

Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid described the benefits in a news release: “These projects will create more good jobs for Ontario families and provide new, clean power for local communities to grow and prosper. Our efforts are transforming our electricity system, attracting investment, creating thousands of jobs and building a better future for our children and grandchildren.”

The projects will help attract about $3 billion in new private investment and will keep the province on track to create 50,000 green energy jobs by the end of 2012, the Liberals say.

But Tory energy critic John Yakabuski says most new jobs will be temporary construction work and the bill to Ontarians will be enormous. A Tory government would kill the FIT program, he said.

“Were going to insure the family budget is protected from Dalton McGuinty and his expensive energy experiments.”

— — —

  • 14 projects from Forest and Thedford to the Bruce Peninsula; eight west of London from Strathroy to Wallaceburg and three east of London.  
  • 19 wind farms will produce 1,018 megawatts of electricity; the largest will be in Thedford.  
  • 6 solar farms will produce 27.5 megawatts of electricity, the largest in Thorndale.
  • Projects will tap into a huge expansion of power lines that connect Bruce to Milton near Toronto. FEED-IN TARIFF PRIMER
  • Created by Ontario’s Liberal government in 2009.  
  • Ontarians subsidize producers of new electricity from wind, solar, biomass, biogas, landfill gas and water.
  • Wind producers get 13.5 cents a kilowatt; solar 53.9 cents. The average price of electricity in Ontario this year has been 3.14 cents.

Election results

Well, I’d have to say that both North Middlesex and Adelaide-Metcalfe townships are a little less wind-turbine friendly with the election results in. Have a look:

North Middlesex 2010 Municipal Election Results

Adelaide-Metcalfe 2010 Municipal Election Results

Other Local townships facing Wind Turbine developments:

Brooke-Alvinston 2010 Municipal Election Results

Warwick 2010 Municipal Election Results

Strathroy-Caradoc 2010 Municipal Election Results

Lambton Shores 2010 Municipal Election Results

Lucan Biddulph 2010 Municipal Election Results

Plymton-Wyoming 2010 Municipal Election Results

More issues for Adelaide-Metcalfe election

At the all-candidates debate held on Tuesday evening,mayor-elect David Bolton stated his goal was to “continue the continuity” of the current regime. Some features of that continuity are:

  1. Sewers brought to Kerwood (very good), but no water. What are the chances of that happening in the next 10 years?
  2. No surplus house severances, councillor MacKinnon was the only one who voted in favour of severances. This has become an ideological subject which defies logic. As the planner noted, there are 160 potential surplus houses which presumably are now rental units.It makes better sense to have them severed and make home-owners out of renters. It would add ~ $200,000 to the tax base with no development costs.
  3. All candidates view the development of the Hwy 81 corridor as crucial to providing increased assessment. How that will happen is a mystery. As was pointed out by Putts Strybosch, the mayor is the salesman/ambassador for the township who answers the questions and makes the presentations to any commercial/industrial inquiries. He also noted that there is no office phone # for the mayor and no e-mail address, only a home phone #. This speaks of a backwoods way of doing business. The phone calls will go to Strathroy/Caradoc first.
  4. Re: stray voltage from the 115 kv “pump line” which both wind projects Read the rest of this entry

Adelaide-Metcalfe: IWT’s at the debate

Below is my rant on the Adelaide Metcalfe township debate, as it is. Take and leave what you want; it has plenty of opinion, based on Tuesday night’s facts. I’m trying to say it as plainly as possible, but please don’t think I’m personally attacking these candidates, just some of their contradictions and past record for clarity sake. Esther Wrightman

David Bolton was the moderator, and also the acclaimed mayor. He let us know that one of the rules of the night was that the moderator could make up other rules as they went along, if he needed to. Hope that isn’t how his future council is run.

First the good stuff :

I’m not sure who the gentlemen was that stood and asked why DeBruyn, Bolton and Copp didn’t answer the questions on our wind turbine questionnaire. Read the rest of this entry

Adelaide-Metcalfe Candidates Debate

Thought we weren’t going to have one? Looks like we may get a last minute debate after all! Tell your family, friends and neighbours to come.

Kerwood Adelaide Metcalfe Optimist Club

All-Candidates Debate

Date: Tuesday, October 19

Place: Adelaide W.G MacDonald School

Time: 7:30PM

Adelaide-Metcalfe Candidates talk Wind Turbines

Election day is coming up on October 25th, 2010.  We asked the candidates for Adelaide-Metcalfe council to answer some questions on Wind Turbine development, along with a couple of questions on public involvement with our township council.

Here are some of the more thoughtful responses received by some candidates:

“I am against industrial wind turbines.” —Putts Strybosch (Deputy Mayor candidate)

“I strongly believe that constituents have the right to voice their concerns. A 30 minute open discussion would be a good tool for council to better address the concerns. After all shouldn’t your council be there to fight for their constituents?” —Randy Campbell (Councillor candidate)

“…townships need to push back against the province to answer the townships questions and concerns.” —Kurtis Smith (Councillor candidate)

“If scientists can detect objects light years away, or measure items below the earth’s surface to great accuracy, surely similar technology can scientifically answer the question, if there is a will to answer it.” —Nick Stokman (Councillor candidate)

….more including candidates full responses….

A New List of Projects

Lately, many new projects have popped up in the area. A few have retreated a tad (of course that doesn’t mean much…a lease signed is a lease signed). The OPA lists 126 Wind turbines for Middlesex County. Lambton County has at least double that number proposed. It looks as if the wind developers are trying to pack the area around the transmission lines. 
Below is a map of all the registered projects in Middlesex county and area (more are in the works that we do not know about yet: Please let us know of any new projects).
View – Wind Projects- Middlesex County and Area 2010 in a larger map

Adelaide Wind Project
Nextera & TCI Renewables
60000 kW (40 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT

More Information on the Adelaide Wind Proposal here…….      
Bornish Wind Energy Centre
NextEra (FPL)
73500 kW (50 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT 

More Information on the Bornish Wind Proposal here…….  
Adelaide Wind Power Project
Suncor Energy Products Inc.
40000 kW (~26 WT’s) 
Status: Awaiting ECT
Lucan Maximum Breeze-
Maximum Breeze Energy Co-operative
10000 kW (~6 WT’s)
Status: Awaiting ECT
Napier Wind Farm
wpd Canada Corp. (has purchased some of IPC’s projects)
Wind turbines 5400 kW (~4 Wind Turbines)
Status: Awaiting ECT      
Strathroy A, B & C Wind Project
NextEra (FPL)
18 Wind Turbines
Status: No progress yet.      
Parkhill Wind Farm
Canadian Hydro 
~25 Wind turbines (30-70MW)
Status: No progress yet.          
More Information on the Parkhill Wind Proposal here……. 

Here is a map of what the OPA would like to see in Transmission Expansion.

Transmission expansion: click map to see details.

Transmission expansion: click map to see details.

  What affects us in Middlesex County: 

#6        London Area to Sarnia
“There is a significant amount of existing generation located in the area West of London, including gas, wind, solar and coal. There is also significant interest in additional wind generation development in the area. The inter-tie with Michigan is located here as well. Reinforcement of the transmission system west of London would be required to enable the incorporation of the new renewable generation.”

#10      Huron South Enabler
“One of a number of enabling transmission lines identified for areas throughout the province. These lines will be constructed in areas where there is sufficient developer interest in shared connection facilities and will help to enable an even greater amount of renewable generation.”  

#20      London-Hamilton Area
“As higher levels of renewable generation development occur in the area west of London, the transfer of power from London toward the GTA will increase. When this transfer reaches the capability of the existing transmission system between London and Hamilton, renewable generation development will be limited. New transmission between London and Hamilton would alleviate this restriction and allow for further renewable generation development in London and western Ontario.”