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  1. Hello,
    I run a small group to spread awareness about Chemical Sensitivities. People with this condition are also told what they are feeling is all in their heads. I am shocked to see the amount of planned/proposed turbines on your map. You have the support of our group and please let me know how I can purchase a sign from you.
    Amelia Does
    Executive Director

  2. While I have some concerns regarding the efficiency of wind turbines I feel your website fails to provide balance and objectivity. We all recognize the ever increasing public demand for electrical power, but if your primary arguements are based on health impact,cost and property values these must be carefully weighed against the alternatives. Are you advocating more coal fired or nuclear plants? If so, in whose backyard would you locate them? The negative health impacts of coal plants by pollution affect hundreds of thousands in both rural and urban Ontario and after the nuclear meltdown in Japan I doubt that nuclear generation has much support.
    Criticism for it’s own sake is meaningless. You must provide a constructive safe alternative to wind power.
    Dave Thomas

    • “Are you advocating more coal fired or nuclear plants?”
      No. And I’m not qualified to tell this province what they should power their province with. I’m not an electrical engineer. I’m a mom. And the health of my kids is what matters to me. Critical thinking is an important life skill. We all thought wind turbines were an interesting, good idea… before we knew anything about them. The more we learn, the more we oppose.

      Like I said, I’m not an expert and do not feel that I must provide a safe alternative. But I do question why our province is NOT pushing for efficiency and conservation of electricity… really, think about it. It doesn’t make money, and that is the sad truth. Wind turbines fill a lot of multinational oil and gas company pockets (eg. Suncor, Transalata, Enbridge…yep those are the wind companies too).

    • “Balance and objectivity” is newspeak for, “opinions that coincide with mine”. If you are serious about “balance”, read this environmentalist’s book on Green Energy: Green Illusions. The problem in the debate is the failure to recognize the true question: Do we need more production or less consumption? And there is no magic in the terms, “green” and “alternative”, they are illusions created in total denial of the laws of thermodynamics. There is no such thing as “clean” energy.

    • Natural gas…the cleanest, cheapest, most abundant source of energy available. Now go away and sell your sustainable development scam somewhere else.

    • Hi Dave, I say come live by them so you can see just how annoying it is…do you have a farm of them by your property? They need to be placed in an area where NO ONE is living…

  3. #1- —-#2- –#3- ———-You be the judge- I dont want Electromagnets or any Electro systems in my BACKYARD-It dpes make you sick.Ask the 1000,s who are-Look to Vancouver and see who is ill. Some people have won -so they can take the SMART METERS out of their houses – The winmills have the same Electro-magnetisms as the Meters. Further more when the Turbines are Decommisioned the ground CANNOT be used for at least 20 years-So much for good Farm Land-…Ed

  4. Hi I would like to wish Bob, Marcelle & Muriel all the best of luck at the Hearing regarding the Jericho Wind Turbine Project (Lambton County)…..on June 26th, 2014. The purpose of the hearing is to give evidence of the health effects turbines have on humans, animals & wildlife ….to determine if going ahead with the project would cause serious harm.
    The hearing is open to the public, if you are interested please attend….give your support to Bob, Marcelle & Muriel they are fighting very hard to keep the 92 wind turbines from being constructed in our community.

    The Hearing on June 26th will being at 10:00 am at the West Williams Community Centre at 32217 Kerwood Road, Parkhill

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