Parkhill Project

Parkhill Wind Project
Canadian Hydro- Transalta
Status: No OPA contract, project has not seen any movement since 2008.

Wind turbines (30-70MW)

Proposed- did not happen…
CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE ( from Canadian Hydro website)

The construction schedule and key milestones in the development of the Project include:
• initiate preliminary engineering – Q3 2008
• post Notice of Commencement and begin ESP – August 2008
• obtain planning approvals for wind plant (North Middlesex) – Q4 2008/Q1 2009
• obtain Planning Approvals for transformer station (Warwick Township) – Q1 2009
• complete provincial and federal environmental assessment processes – Q1 2010
• obtain other Project approvals – 2010
• initiate construction – Q1 2011
• complete construction – Q3 2012
• start of commercial operations – Q4 2012

Parkhill Map - Canadian Hydro - 25 Wind Turbines


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