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Change is blowing in Ontario wind

By Michael Den Tandt, QMI Agency
London Free Press  
October 26, 2010  

So here’s the question for Premier Dalton McGuinty. Does he want to lose but live to fight another day?

Or does he want to see his party crushed, pulverized and ground into chalk, as happened to the federal Conservatives in 1993? Maybe he does. Maybe scorched-earth syndrome is setting in.

Increasingly, degrees of loss are the only avenues available to the Ontario Liberals. Another majority is not on. Nor is a minority, recent polls show. It’s all about triage — minimizing the scope of the disaster. McGuinty’s advisers must realize that an epic spanking is in the wind.

One can argue that it’s always time for a change after two majorities — even when a government has been effective, responsible and responsive. Had there been no broken tax promises, no e-Health boondoggle, no lottery scandal and no Caledonia, Premier Dalton would still be dusting off his CV.

It’s the way of politics, at least in Canada. After two terms of virtually unchecked power, ossification sets in. Purging is cyclical and to an extent, inevitable. Conservative leader Tim Hudak could wear flippers and a snorkel to the Legislature for the next year and he’d still be a safe bet to become premier.

In McGuinty’s case this natural trend has been compounded. Ontarians were ready for a change in 2007. It was only the bungle by thenConservative leader John Tory over funding for religious schools that saved him. McGuinty must have thought to himself then: Where did I go right? Angels above, thank you for John Tory.

But we digress.

Once re-elected, McGuinty promptly gifted the citizenry with a series of Daltonisms that have become famous, or infamous. Illicit activities such as smoking in cars, driving with even a trace of alcohol in your system, chewing gum — no wait, that’s Singapore — were banned. There’s no call yet for mandatory ice baths or hair shirts but these can’t be far off.

But then it got even better, or worse, as the case may be. McGuinty foisted the Green Energy Act on rural Ontario.

Dalton hasn’t spent much time in the outback. The few times he deigns to travel beyond the GTA he comes to speak, not listen. And it shows.

The gathering fury in rural Ontario over industrial wind turbines must be heard to be believed. It’s a quieter form of protest than you’d get in, say, France. But it’s no less potent. Read the rest of this entry

Election results

Well, I’d have to say that both North Middlesex and Adelaide-Metcalfe townships are a little less wind-turbine friendly with the election results in. Have a look:

North Middlesex 2010 Municipal Election Results

Adelaide-Metcalfe 2010 Municipal Election Results

Other Local townships facing Wind Turbine developments:

Brooke-Alvinston 2010 Municipal Election Results

Warwick 2010 Municipal Election Results

Strathroy-Caradoc 2010 Municipal Election Results

Lambton Shores 2010 Municipal Election Results

Lucan Biddulph 2010 Municipal Election Results

Plymton-Wyoming 2010 Municipal Election Results

More issues for Adelaide-Metcalfe election

At the all-candidates debate held on Tuesday evening,mayor-elect David Bolton stated his goal was to “continue the continuity” of the current regime. Some features of that continuity are:

  1. Sewers brought to Kerwood (very good), but no water. What are the chances of that happening in the next 10 years?
  2. No surplus house severances, councillor MacKinnon was the only one who voted in favour of severances. This has become an ideological subject which defies logic. As the planner noted, there are 160 potential surplus houses which presumably are now rental units.It makes better sense to have them severed and make home-owners out of renters. It would add ~ $200,000 to the tax base with no development costs.
  3. All candidates view the development of the Hwy 81 corridor as crucial to providing increased assessment. How that will happen is a mystery. As was pointed out by Putts Strybosch, the mayor is the salesman/ambassador for the township who answers the questions and makes the presentations to any commercial/industrial inquiries. He also noted that there is no office phone # for the mayor and no e-mail address, only a home phone #. This speaks of a backwoods way of doing business. The phone calls will go to Strathroy/Caradoc first.
  4. Re: stray voltage from the 115 kv “pump line” which both wind projects Read the rest of this entry

Adelaide-Metcalfe: IWT’s at the debate

Below is my rant on the Adelaide Metcalfe township debate, as it is. Take and leave what you want; it has plenty of opinion, based on Tuesday night’s facts. I’m trying to say it as plainly as possible, but please don’t think I’m personally attacking these candidates, just some of their contradictions and past record for clarity sake. Esther Wrightman

David Bolton was the moderator, and also the acclaimed mayor. He let us know that one of the rules of the night was that the moderator could make up other rules as they went along, if he needed to. Hope that isn’t how his future council is run.

First the good stuff :

I’m not sure who the gentlemen was that stood and asked why DeBruyn, Bolton and Copp didn’t answer the questions on our wind turbine questionnaire. Read the rest of this entry

Turbine Vote An Issue In Adelaide-Metcalfe

Thu, 07 Oct 2010 7:06:20 EDT
Strathroy MyFM
It’s the pool in Strathroy-Caradoc but the touchy subject of wind turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe has some constituents running for municipal office this year avoiding the topic. Esther Wrightman of the Wind Action Group based out of Kerwood says only six of nine candidates decided to answer a questionnaire put out by the group. Wrightman says she wasn’t concerned whether or not the candidates were in favor of wind turbines in Adelaide-Metcalfe but more that they would show transparency and look to represent the community.
Of the candidates that did respond, Wrightman says all supported health and real estate studies prior to wind projects being pushed forward.

Adelaide-Metcalfe Candidates Debate

Thought we weren’t going to have one? Looks like we may get a last minute debate after all! Tell your family, friends and neighbours to come.

Kerwood Adelaide Metcalfe Optimist Club

All-Candidates Debate

Date: Tuesday, October 19

Place: Adelaide W.G MacDonald School

Time: 7:30PM

Speak out and demand answers about wind farms

Sarnia Observer   Sept 03, 2010

Sir: Re: The article “Opinion split on wind farms, mayor says” (The Observer, Aug. 28, 2010)

I attended the Green Breeze Energy public information meeting for the Brooke- Alvinston Wind Farm. Of the half-dozen or so wind proponent meetings I have been to, I would have to say that this was the worst meeting for actual information available.

Both the representatives from the wind company and the consultants (Stantec) were unable to answer very basic questions about their project, such as what the road setback distance was, what the noise levels would be or where the shadow flicker would fall. In fact, when they were questioned about the shadow flicker, the consultants response was, “We don’t have to give that information under the GEA anymore.” Comforting, eh? Read the rest of this entry

Adelaide-Metcalfe Candidates talk Wind Turbines

Election day is coming up on October 25th, 2010.  We asked the candidates for Adelaide-Metcalfe council to answer some questions on Wind Turbine development, along with a couple of questions on public involvement with our township council.

Here are some of the more thoughtful responses received by some candidates:

“I am against industrial wind turbines.” —Putts Strybosch (Deputy Mayor candidate)

“I strongly believe that constituents have the right to voice their concerns. A 30 minute open discussion would be a good tool for council to better address the concerns. After all shouldn’t your council be there to fight for their constituents?” —Randy Campbell (Councillor candidate)

“…townships need to push back against the province to answer the townships questions and concerns.” —Kurtis Smith (Councillor candidate)

“If scientists can detect objects light years away, or measure items below the earth’s surface to great accuracy, surely similar technology can scientifically answer the question, if there is a will to answer it.” —Nick Stokman (Councillor candidate)

….more including candidates full responses….