Adelaide- NextEra

Adelaide- NextEra

Adelaide Wind Project
NextEra (Florida Power & Light)
Project formerly owned and flipped by TCI Renewables
Status: operational

Project Documents
Draft Site Plan- MAP

37 (1.62MW) GE Wind Turbines

  • Laydown and storage areas (including temporary staging areas) for construction equipment and supplies
  • A substation located on site and a 115 kV transmission line to connect to the Hydro One transmission system
  • The proposed transmission line will travel north into the Municipality of North Middlesex to a substation to be located east of Kerwood Road and south of Elginfield Road
  • Underground electrical collection lines, (located on private lands) to collect the turbines to the transformer
  • Turbine access roads for construction and maintenance
  • Permanent meteorological towers during operations (height 80-100 m) to measure wind speeds, wind direction, temperature and humidity
  • An operations and maintenance building

Turbine layout, although now there are larger tubines proposed and the number is 38 instead of 40. Project area has changed too….

Adelaide Wind Farm - 40 Wind Turbines and Overhead Collector Lines

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