Take Action

VOICE YOUR CONCERNS       “Your silence gives consent.” – Plato

Here is what you can do…
There are too many wind turbines, too close to houses, barns, businesses, wood lots, streams and schools.

  • Ask your township council, mayor, planner your questions and tell them your concerns.
  • Write a letter, and make sure it gets distributed and filed.
  • Go to council meetings, let’s get some answers to your questions.

Adelaide-Metcalfe:      Agendas/Minutes   *watch meeting videos online
ph: 519-247-3687  info@adelaidemetcalfe.on.ca
David Bolton (Mayor) mayor@adelaidemetcalfe.on.ca
Adrian DeBruyn (Deputy Mayor)- 247-3220
Betty Ann MacKinnon (Councillor) BMacKinnon@adelaidemetcalfe.on.ca
Kurtis Smith (Councillor) ksmith@adelaidemetcalfe.on.ca
Nick Stokman  (Councillor)  nstokman@adelaidemetcalfe.on.ca

North Middlesex:        Agendas/Minutes
ph: (519) 294-6244  lindacr@northmiddlesex.on.ca
Don Shipway (Mayor) donshipway@execulink.com
Chuck Hall (Deputy Mayor) hallways@sympatico.ca
Doreen McLinchey(Councillor Ward 1) dor777@execulink.com
Brian Ropp (Councillor Ward 2) 51pickup@execulink.com
Gord Moir (Councillor Ward 3) gordmoir@aol.com
Andrew Hemming (Councillor Ward 4) andrewhemming@sympatico.ca
Adrian Cornelissen (Councillor Ward 5) adrian_cornelissen@hotmail.com

Lambton Shores:        Agendas/Mintues        *watch meeting video online
519-786-2335 clerks@lambtonshores.ca

Bill Weber (Mayor) bweber@lambtonshores.ca
Elizabeth Davis-Dagg (Deputy Mayor) edavis-dagg@lambtonshores.ca
Dave Maguire (Ward 1) dmaguire@lambtonshores.ca
Doug Bonesteel (Ward 2) dbonesteel@lambtonshores.ca
Lorie Scott (Ward 3) lscott@lambtonshores.ca
Ruth Illman (Ward 4) rillman@lambtonshores.ca
Martin Underwood (Ward 5) munderwood@lambtonshores.ca
Doug Cook (Ward 6) dcook@lambtonshores.ca
John Russell (Ward 7) jrussell@lambtonshores.ca

Brooke-Alvinston:       Agendas/Minutes
519-898-2173  info@brookealvinston.com
Don McGugan (Mayor) jdmcgugan@hotmail.com
Jim Hayter (Deputy Mayor) 519-898-2857
Ken Alderman (Councillor) bawb@brktel.on.ca
Frank Nemcek (Councillor) fnemcek@brktel.on.ca
Wayne Deans (Councillor) 519-844-2198

Plympton-Wyoming:   Agendas/Minutes
519-845-3939 Kyle Pratt CAO
Lonny Napper (Mayor)
Don Nelson (Deputy Mayor)
Ben Dekker (Councillor)
Netty McEwan (Councillor)
Ron Schenk (Counillor)
Bob Woolvett (Councillor)
Muriel Wright (Councillor)

Strathroy-Caradoc: Agendas/Minutes  *watch meeting video
ph: (519) 245-1070 general@strathroy-caradoc.ca 

Joanne Vanderheyden (Mayor) jvanderheyden@strathroy-caradoc.ca  
Brad Richards (Deputy Mayor) brichards@strathroy-caradoc.ca
John G. Brennan (Ward 1 Strathroy) jbrennan@strathroy-caradoc.ca
Marie Baker (Ward 1 Strathroy) mbaker@strathroy-caradoc.ca
Dave Cameron (Ward 1 Strathroy) dcameron@strathroy-caradoc.ca
Steve Pelkman (Ward 1 Strathroy) spelkman@strathroy-caradoc.ca 
Steve Dausett (Ward 2 Caradoc) sdausett@strathroy-caradoc.ca 
Larry Cowan (Ward 2 Caradoc) lcowan@strathroy-caradoc.ca
Neil Flegel (Ward 2 Caradoc) nflegel@strathroy-caradoc.ca

Warwick: Agendas/Minutes
 ph: (519) 849-3926  info@warwicktownship.ca
Todd Case (Mayor): 519-876-3942
Jerry Westgate (Councillor): 519-876-2519
John Couwenberg (Councillor):  519-828-3553
Todd White (Councillor):  519-828-5020
Rod Glen (Councillor):  519-876-2342

Contact Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton

Others to write letters to:

Premier: Kathleen Wynne: kwynne.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Min. of Environment: Jim Bradley : jbradley.mpp@liberal.ola.org
Min. of Energy & Infrastructure: Bob Chiarelli : write2us@ontario.ca
Min. of Health and Long-Term Care: Deborah Matthews: dmatthews.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

MP Bev Shipley: Shipley.B@parl.gc.ca
Prime Minister: Stephen Harper: Harper.S@parl.gc.ca
Min. of Environment: Peter Kent: Minister@ec.gc.ca
Min. of Health: Leona Aglukkaq: Aglukkaq.L@parl.gc.ca
Min. of Natural Resources: Christian Paradis: Paradis.C@parl.gc.ca,

FULL LIST here, including all newspapers, MPP’s and MP’s

  • Make sure you are on the wind developer’s mailing list (call or e-mail them).
  • Inform everyone you know of the health risks of wind turbines and all the other issues as well. Direct them to  www.ontario-wind-resistance.org and www.windaction.wordpress.com .
  • Write ‘letters to the editor’ for different newspapers. Here’s a list of all the newspaper e-mails inOntario -send it to one or all.
  • Contact your School Board, nursing homes, hospitals, Health Units.
  • Post signs on your mailbox or fence post.
  • Sign our petition- contact us if you would like to do this windactiongroup@gmail.com
  • Inform your family/ friends/neighbours/customers and have our petition available for them to sign.
  • Go to all wind company Open Houses and ask questions- loudly.
  • Develop your own e-mailing list to send notification on to people you know who are interested.
  • Be ready to protest when needed. Do not be quiet. Your government needs to know what the people need and are asking for.
  • If you don’t have time to contribute, a donation is well appreciated to cover costs of signs, printing and mailing.
  • Check out Ontario Wind Resistance’s Toolbox for more ideas.


Post a Sign on your Property – Contact us if you would like a sign ($5): windactiongroup@gmail.com

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