Grand Bend Project

Grand Bend Wind Project
Northland Power and Grand Bend Wind
Status: OPA permit approved.

Project Documents
Draft Site Plan- MAP & Close Map & Homes with 2km ‘buffer zone’

63 (1.6MW) Wind Turbines


  1. I am so sick and tired of the false statements from Mr. Gordon Potts from NORTH LAND POWER (NEEGAN BURNSIDE) who came over to our house and promised us answers in two weeks time. It is now four weeks time and still no answers about the road that is 20 feet from our property that these trucks and machines caring these 512 feet tall wind turbines right beside our house are going to cause some breakage of our house that we just built four years ago. When you specificly asked a wind turbine farmer that is puting in these Wind Turbines in 2008 if anything was going to be built back there and he says no. and then find out that he knew in 2005 and we built in 2008. Then laughs about the whole situation and tells our worker that he should now build a pig barn back there too. HA, HA, Yea that is SO FUNNY. Also asked Gordon Potts about why these turbines are not 550 meters away from our house and instead less then that. I asked to have one of their engineers go out with us and measure, again , no response. I am so sick of these companies not being responsible for their actions and for all the harm to the envirment and to the health of the people. How do they get away with this. The lives they have already ruined and not being accountable for it.They have rules to follow and they dont do it. Mr. Criss Bentley will not answer any of my calls. I have phoned him now for three months and he will not get on that phone and return any calls. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO HIDE. The money that he is lining his pockets with. The coruption behind this whole wind turbine mess. People need to talk to David Collins . He has amazing information on dirty electricity and stray voltage. So many people that have been effected by all of this and the WIND TURBINE companies wont take responsibility. I am so sick of all of this.We need to shout out louder to Mr. DALTON MCGUINTY STOP THE POLITICAL GREED, STOP THE WIND TURBINES, STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!

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