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Hello…Deb? Can we talk wind turbines & health?

We made a visit to Heath Minister Deb Matthews’ office on Nov 2nd after the protest on McGuinty in London. She wasn’t there, but the police were, and they (this is funny) told us we couldn’t go up the sidewalk to her door because it was ‘private property’. That went over real well with us. Anyhow, we already knew where she WAS…. ’cause we just so happened to chase her across the street behind the London Convention Centre, calling her name. When she caught sight of us (she looked frightened…of what?) she scurried across the road with her assistant, safely into the Hilton… and the cop car screeched his car in front of us, and that was that. Really, how scarey do we look? I wrote a note to tape on her door asking that she gives us a call so we can meet, but you guessed it, no call back. Should have asked her to a ribbon cutting or something, eh?